Welcome to Pixel Bay

Welcome to Pixel Bay

Welcome to Pixel Bay 2600 1460 Simon Tayler

Welcome to Pixel Bay. We are certainly not new to the game. For many years we were known as HYKANO. We’ve serviced clients from around the world, developing world class websites and mobile applications – we even won some awards along the way.

So why the name change? Great question! With the world of digital media changing so quickly, we wanted to move in a new direction. To work with clients rather than for clients. To help people navigate through the digital noise and find clarity in their online journey. Gone are the days of plonking a website online and hoping your clients will find you. Now, more than ever, the end-user has become more discerning, knowledgeable and expectant. They are used to high service levels and if they don’t receive them, they’ll let you and everyone else know all about it – online!

Pixel Bay is a name, that we believe, reflects who we are. A creative agency, based on the North Coast of South Africa, servicing clients on a global scale. We believe in educating our clients. If you know why you should do something, it’s a lot easier to get behind and create the momentum. Our goal is to work with our clients, to share expertise and see key opportunities for growth.

We’re excited. We’re passionate. We’re energetic. We’re creative.

And we can’t wait to work with you!

Pop us an email here and say hi!

Simon Tayler

Hey I'm Simon. Husband. Father. Surfer. Adventurer. Oh, and founder of Pixel Bay. I have over 12 years experience in Digital Marketing. I'm passionate about seeing brands leverage digital solutions to propel their business forward.

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  • Hey Simon, great ad! Good luck with the next steps!

  • Wishing you loads of luck Simon and Nix
    Lyn Day

  • Antonella Whittaker October 14, 2018 at 6:20 pm

    Huge thanks to Pixel Bay for the prompt, efficient and ‘out the box thinking’ in creating our websites, The Edge Lifestyle Estate, and Urban Modules. We appreciated the way you think through the best way to accomplish what we needed on our sites. Keep up the excellent work!! We won’t hesitate in recommending your company, as you deliver quality work of a high standard.

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