The best productivity Apps for 2018

The best productivity Apps for 2018

The best productivity Apps for 2018 750 421 Simon Tayler

It’s 2018 already and to kick the year off, we thought we would share some of the best productivity apps we’ve come across (and use) to help you get the best possible start. I’ve spent far too many hours researching and testing apps to find just the right solution for me, personally and for us as a business. From feature-rich to super simple, there are hundreds of apps out there and all of them have some incredible features. What I’ve come to realise is that the best app is the one you actually use! So here are a few that we use:

personal phone 149x300 - The best productivity Apps for 2018SWIPES Personal

I’m a sucker for minimalist design. Swipes is a to-do list / task management app that keeps it simple and elegant. What sets this one apart from all the other candidates is the ability to very quickly ‘snooze’ tasks and hide what isn’t immediately important. It helps you focus on the main thing – today.
They have recently launched a Team version which extends their minimalist design in to a task management system the whole team can enjoy. If you’re looking for a simple, functional yet powerful to-do / task management system to keep yourself on track… Swipes is our pick!


I truly believe CRM systems are going to explode over the next few years. As businesses begin to understand that their customers are more important than their products or services, their choice of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems will be crucial. From sales management right through to marketing and support, a good CRM  system will provide you with a wealth of information to ensure your business stays agile and relevant. If you aren’t using one, you should be. I’ve spent far too many hours finding and testing these systems. My best advice is start simple. We would recommend Flowlu or Agile CRM, depending on your needs.

xdashboard - The best productivity Apps for 2018

Flowlu – Don’t let the name put you off. This simple, intuitive and perfect for the small to medium sized business. This is a great starting point and will help you manage your sales pipeline, team tasks and work-flows in a single app.

Agile CRM – I’ve followed these guys for years and their system is incredibly powerful and flexible. From automated email marketing right through to detailed customer reporting, this is the system you grow in to.

There are countless systems available online and I’ve tested almost all of them: Asana, Trello, TeamWork,, Todoist, Insightly, Wunderlist, Meistertask and many more. These are great systems. You should try them. But, like I said, the best one is the one you actually use. I’m a minimalist by nature and so lean towards a simple interface with a straightforward purpose. These are my picks… I would love to hear what works for you in the comments below…

If you’re not sure which system is the right fit for you, give us a shout, we’d love to help get you on to the right system.


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