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The best productivity Apps for 2018

The best productivity Apps for 2018 750 421 Simon Tayler

It’s 2018 already and to kick the year off, we thought we would share some of the best productivity apps we’ve come across (and use) to help you get the…

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Welcome to Pixel Bay Web Design & Development

Welcome to Pixel Bay

Welcome to Pixel Bay 2600 1460 Simon Tayler

Welcome to Pixel Bay. We are certainly not new to the game. For many years we were known as HYKANO. We’ve serviced clients from around the world, developing world class…

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High Performance Web Hosting

A word on hosting

A word on hosting 750 421 Simon Tayler

A while ago I was driving on the highway when I heard what I thought was a supercar approaching. I checked my mirrors and waited for it to fly past…

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